Don Jackson

Don Jackson is the owner of the Jackson Law Firm.  He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in 1990 and obtained his law degree from OU in 1993.  After working in the Cleveland County District Attorney's Office, Don determined his true calling was defending people not prosecuting them.  Therefore, he went into private practice in Oklahoma City in 1994 with a primary area of practice of criminal defense.

It has been his mission ever since to help people.  Most people charged with crimes are good people who either simply made a mistake or even more unfortunately, are accuse of something they did not do.


Kristen Hartman


Kristen Hartman grew up in Norman, Oklahoma.  She attended Austin College in Sherman, Texas where she received a Bachelor of Arts in 2000.  After college, she worked in the legal field for two years prior to attending OCU and was licensed to practice law in 2006.  Ms. Hartman is admitted to practice law in Oklahoma state courts as the Western District of Oklahoma.

Ms. Hartman's primary areas of practice are criminal law and family law.  She is an active member of the Family Law Section and Oklahoma County Criminal Defense Lawyers association.

We are here to help people.  Prison or jail is not the the answer.

Call us, we can help.

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